December 31, 2003

Alliance Assignment

What should we do to Saddam to get him to tell us everything he knows?

That's simple. Force him to listen to Mariah Carey's greatest screeches for 24 hours at a stretch, followed by 24 hours of "Lovin' You" by Minnie Ripperton. Then 24 hours of William Shattner's rendition of "lucy in the sky with diamonds".

He'll crack well before that 36 hours is over.

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December 27, 2003

Vote and More

My vote for best new blog (and funniest) goes to Spam Town.

I nearly laughed my blueness out when I read his post.

Other than that, I'm back to playing Nurse Bunny to Silver Blue who is down with a head cold, and stocking up on carrot stock, etc. for when PoloRandy comes down with it from exhuastion from when his aunt passed away. He's keeping himself overly busy so he won't think about it. The funeral is Sunday at 2, after which I think he'll collapse.

Hop at everyone later. Back to the carrots Santa brought this good Bunny!


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December 22, 2003

Number of things

I didn't vote in this weeks new blog showcase. I didn't like any of them. Sorry guys.

I'm filling in for Tink over at her blog as she's off visiting family.

The house is nice and warm, and with the exception of one errant squirrel, whom I'm going to guess is caught in the ceiling now that everything's been sealed off, it's nice and quiet.

Silver Blue went and put the order in for the contractor to come measure for the new front door today. Looks like things are finally happening.


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December 19, 2003

Battling the Cold

I've been keeping bundled up at the house because it's been so cold. Can't blame Silver Blue...poor guy. Yesterday the wise people putting int he furnace got the command module wet and then applied current to it. The house smells terrible, so I went in to work with PoloRandy. Anything to take my mind off what's happening at the house.

Hop at you later,

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December 17, 2003

Alliance Spying

What secret project is Evil Glenn working on?

By going undercover, I found out that Evil Glenn has been in partnership with Rocket Jones to create this. HORRORS!

View image

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December 15, 2003

I'm Somewhat Mentioned

At Jennifer's Interview with Silver Blue

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And A Rabbit In A Christmas Tree...

....I was able to watch (and listen) to the Cantata that PoloRandy directed and Silver Blue was narrator for by hiding up in the Christmas Tree on the stage.

All this blue bunny can say is "WOW". They received an extended standing ovation by all in attendance (I counted about 120 people in the sanctuary).

Amazing, really. That's the only way to describe "An Old Fashioned Christmas". Silver Blue was convincing as a 78 year old man; the choir, to my knowledge, has never been in such a fine and powerful voice. Everyone who was there was blessed, including this small, blue bunny.

May each of you cherish each other in your heart this holiday season.


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December 14, 2003

New Blog Showcase Vote

Goes to this funny entry.

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December 09, 2003

Other Alliance Assignment

What was that final comment that made Evil Glenn snap?

Regular Glenn Renyolds was out on a lunch break when he stopped by Tropical Smoothies; behind the counter, he saw an unkempt guy, formerly a hobo of the streets, working behind the counter. He ordered his typical smoothie with extra protein, and unbeknownst to him, the hobo put a puppy in the blender. The chemical reaction as Glenn drank the smoothie was immediate. He was permanently addicted to Puppy Smoothies, and because of that, he has been bashing hobos to this day.

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Alliance Assignment

What UN resolution(s) would you like to see passed?

Let it be known that henceforth forward, on August 23 of each and every year, Carrots must be revered as honored guests and lavished with extravagant parties and gold palaces (or gold covered chocolate) which, after August 23, will be melted down and made into Halloween candy.

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Thank you, Silver Blue

Some great news from this front. My fur is natually blue, I don't need any additional help!

Cher Bear and I are sitting in our sleighs riding over the great room. It's so cold in here, all we're missing is snow and it would feel like we were outside. We both have enough fur, however, to keep us warm until the heat is restored.

It was nice being introduced to everyone who came to the party... I do hope that you all will come back, often. It's good to hear laughter in the house. It warms the heart, and even the house itsself seemed to glow with appreciation. Call it bunny logic.

I've been trying to track down a cartoonist for an idea I've had, heavily sampled from somewhere, called "It's the Great Carrot, Roxette Buunny™!" about a rabbit that sits in the most sincere carrot patch and awaits the Great Carrot who gives veggies to all good rabbits. What do you think?

Tink was home sick yesterday, but not sick enough for me to have to cook for her. She was able to go out and get something called Chinese food. There were no carrots in the soup she brought back or in the protien on a stick, so I can't imagine it tasted all that good. I keep trying to get her to eat healither, but she insists that chocolate is a health food.

Well, I'll hop at you later....

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December 08, 2003

Monday Update

The party was awesome over the weekend. Kept me hopping welcoming everyone as they walked in and showing off my nifty new sleigh. The place was sparkling and... thanks to everyone who came, and to my co-hosts, Tink, PoloRandy & Silver Blue.

Charity update for monday:

We're still at $4.01. No new purchases of Bunny Gear over the past week. Silver Blue did give a cash donation of $10.00 to the ASPCA this past week, so thanks for that!

Hop at you later!

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December 04, 2003

Many Thanks To Commissar!

For This, the new map of Munuvia, where my own city is Buniroks!

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December 03, 2003

Evil Glenn's Part Time Job

as shareholder in:

Domination and Bra-Busters.


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Weekly best new blog

Would be THIS one.

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December 02, 2003

Hmm. Defintions.

Alliance Assignment. Define:

Anti-American: Anyone who doesn't love me.
Appeasement: People who love me to get in with Silver Blue.
Bigotry: People who don't like blue rabbits.
Censorship: What should happen to people who don't like blue rabbits.
Conservative: Those who like rabbits, but only of a certain color.
Diversity: Rabbits of every color.
Europe: An area of the world where rabbits won't visit.
Fox News: Rabbits don't like foxes, so there's no news there.
Fundamentalist: Someone who believes rabbits have rights too.
Halliburton: Rabbit Daughter of Richard Burton.
Jingoism: The Annual Lunar dance of the Blue Bunny.
Lie/Liar: Those who claim we're not here for the chocolate.
Liberal: Those who think that Blue Rabbits should rule the world.
Mainstream: Blue Rabbits listening to Top 40.
NPR: No Priority Rabbit. Sits in the back of the bus.
Oil: That Rabbits need to keep their fur shiny.
Patriot/Patriotism/Patriotic: What you get when a Red Rabbit, White Rabbit, and Blue Bunny march down the street.
Quagmire: Quicksand that bunnies don't like getting near.
Racism: Those who feel that blue bunnies are lesser entities than other colored bunnies.
Tolerance: Those who allow blue bunnies to live in peace.
U.N.: Huh? Makes no sense to this bunny (or most of the world)
Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Where conservative bunnies are plotting to take over the world through violins.
Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Nuclear Carrot of Doom.

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Updates & Such

You won't believe, I mean you simply won't BELIEVE the changes that are taking place around the house. They make a bunny PROUD! I've got my own sleigh to ride in, two of the most beautiful trees are up, and most importantly, some of the bears have gone away!!!! (Horray! Horray! There's only so many I can train at a time, guys!)

Charity update: No change since last week: $4.01 going to the ASPCA. Actually, Silver Blue has dropped off some food at PetSmart for the local shelters. I knew he had a good heart in him.

I'm ready to open back up the lines for "Ask The Great Bunny" so send in your questions, especially holiday questions... but any silliness such as "What internal temperature should rabbit be cooked to" might find you with a meat thermometer impaled in your nether regions.

On another note, Silver Blue has finished this year's christmas CD. I snuck in the photo when he wasn't looking so now my face is on it. :-)

The cover can be seen here.

I've got to hop over to the Alliance and find out what I've been remiss on doing now.


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December 01, 2003

I Didn't Vote On Purpose

None of the blogs this week really were what I would consider voting for. Sorry, but I can't just post a vote for someone when my heart isn't in it.

Hopefully next week's entries will be more to my liking.

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