December 15, 2003

And A Rabbit In A Christmas Tree...

....I was able to watch (and listen) to the Cantata that PoloRandy directed and Silver Blue was narrator for by hiding up in the Christmas Tree on the stage.

All this blue bunny can say is "WOW". They received an extended standing ovation by all in attendance (I counted about 120 people in the sanctuary).

Amazing, really. That's the only way to describe "An Old Fashioned Christmas". Silver Blue was convincing as a 78 year old man; the choir, to my knowledge, has never been in such a fine and powerful voice. Everyone who was there was blessed, including this small, blue bunny.

May each of you cherish each other in your heart this holiday season.


Posted by Roxette at December 15, 2003 10:16 AM
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