December 09, 2003

Thank you, Silver Blue

Some great news from this front. My fur is natually blue, I don't need any additional help!

Cher Bear and I are sitting in our sleighs riding over the great room. It's so cold in here, all we're missing is snow and it would feel like we were outside. We both have enough fur, however, to keep us warm until the heat is restored.

It was nice being introduced to everyone who came to the party... I do hope that you all will come back, often. It's good to hear laughter in the house. It warms the heart, and even the house itsself seemed to glow with appreciation. Call it bunny logic.

I've been trying to track down a cartoonist for an idea I've had, heavily sampled from somewhere, called "It's the Great Carrot, Roxette Buunny™!" about a rabbit that sits in the most sincere carrot patch and awaits the Great Carrot who gives veggies to all good rabbits. What do you think?

Tink was home sick yesterday, but not sick enough for me to have to cook for her. She was able to go out and get something called Chinese food. There were no carrots in the soup she brought back or in the protien on a stick, so I can't imagine it tasted all that good. I keep trying to get her to eat healither, but she insists that chocolate is a health food.

Well, I'll hop at you later....

Posted by Roxette at December 9, 2003 09:44 AM
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