October 31, 2004

I'm alive...

I've been in hiding.


PoloRandy and SilverBlue have been redoing (and I mean REDOING) the bathroom.

New vanity, new sink, new toilet.

Of course, it's an older house, so the sink didn't fit right with the plumbing, and who wants to pay weekend fees for plumbers?

Lots of shouting, cursing, and hurt feelings later, I think it's all done.

There are, of course, photographs that need to be taken. I've tried to stay out of the way, since emotions were running so high...

In other news, the guys entered a Masquerade party locally where people dressed up in all sorts of silly outfits to be judged.

They came in "Best in Show" as the "All Male Synchronized Swim Team". LOL!!!! Tink was there, dressed up as their trainer, playing the Olympic theme. Very, VERY funny. There's photos of that coming as well. I didn't get to see it, but some friends were there and took photographs.

Other than that, we're preparing the place for the holidays. We're toning it down quite a bit this year, but that's for the best.

As a blue bunny, I stayed at the window and saw all sorts of strange people go by the house this evening. We don't give out candy -- we eat it -- but still it's just that some of the costumes they have kids dress up in are .... outrageous. There was a girl, no more than 3 dressed up like Catherine Zeta-Jones from Chicago. Yipes!

Well, just want to let everyone know that I'm alright, the family is doing well, and that now, things may finally settle down. YAY.

Much love to you all....

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October 11, 2004


This girl's in need of a vacation. Between Silver Blue being ill, Tink being ill, and PoloRandy working himself into basic exhaustion. I think it's about time for me to have some me time!

(And to think....Christmas decorating is to begin soon -- though they claim there will only be two trees this year -- the big 9 footer, and my smaller one)

How is everyone doing? How is life? Is there really life out there?

So much has been going on, I've been cleaning, I've been doing touch ups on the paint... it's kept me hopping!

Silver Blue did add additional crystals to the chandelier, however, and it's looking better. Once the final ones come in and he gets them on, however, I'll post yet another photograph and you can let me know what you think.

The family says hello (we have a relative we call PsychoBunny who is visiting), and the air is getting crisper.

Speaking of crispers, I wonder if there are any carrots in ours?

Hop at you later,
Much bunny love....

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October 01, 2004

I live.

Newsflash: The Blue Bunny is alive.

Actually, I've been heling keep the place in order. NO small feat for these feet with all these bears arround.

Silver Blue can't seem to leave well enough alone and has ordered additional sparkly crystals for the chandelier and is busy stringing them togehter. I'll have to admit, thouhg...it does make the place look a lot richer.

Fall is in the air; the nights are getting crisper. We're all looking forward to the fresh crops of carrots and, after the first frost hits, the greens that are so amazingly tender.

As the weather turns colder, this is a reminder that any money I make off the CafePress stuff (otherwise known as Roxette Bunny™ Gear) is donated to the ASPCA, to help out animals not as fortunate as I am.

Much love to you all,

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