October 01, 2004

I live.

Newsflash: The Blue Bunny is alive.

Actually, I've been heling keep the place in order. NO small feat for these feet with all these bears arround.

Silver Blue can't seem to leave well enough alone and has ordered additional sparkly crystals for the chandelier and is busy stringing them togehter. I'll have to admit, thouhg...it does make the place look a lot richer.

Fall is in the air; the nights are getting crisper. We're all looking forward to the fresh crops of carrots and, after the first frost hits, the greens that are so amazingly tender.

As the weather turns colder, this is a reminder that any money I make off the CafePress stuff (otherwise known as Roxette Bunny™ Gear) is donated to the ASPCA, to help out animals not as fortunate as I am.

Much love to you all,

Posted by Roxette at October 1, 2004 10:43 PM
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