July 28, 2004

Hopping Around

getting packed to go on the road again. This time, back to see Silver Blue's Grandma, and pick up his mom.

I love taking trips. :-)

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July 26, 2004

Blue Prune

With all the rain we've been getting (and more rain forecasat through Saturday) I have to say that I'm beginning to take on the appearance of a blue prune. This isn't funny people.

Too much water kills carrots by causing them to rot.

Then bunnies and giraffes get hungry and upset. Then we turn into Godzilla-like creatures that go through destroying cities and countrysides.

Well, not really, but it was a fun thought for a short bit. :-)

It's Monday, right? Must be. Everyone's gone and left me with the bears. Well, Ish is still here, as is Rabbi T, Lee, and Esther.

Hop at you later,

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July 25, 2004

Sunday Sunday


Oh, sorry, had my headset on and couldn't hear. Hehehehe. It's been raining, so I haven't been able to take the guys out for a picnic, which is bad, being that there are too many of them now to just dine in the dining room.

How's everyone's weekend going? Silver Blue, Tink, and PoloRandy all left me alone yesterday, but that's ok. I needed the rest. I'm starting to actually like the new additions, inclduing Vernon, who I'll have to post a photograph of soon. He's appearing to be on my side, so... we'll see. Except for those strap on bunny ears. They just make him look stupid.

Hop at you later.


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July 22, 2004

Orange discs of Heaven

I hopped into the larder to look and see what they (Tink, Silver Blue & PoloRandy) had left me to dine on.

Joy of joys! Cans upon cans of carrots! Carrot coins, baby carrots, carrots carrots, carrots!

I guess I can forgive you for all these dratted bears that are around here. We did roll call this morning and it took half an hour!

Here are but a few (these came back from Florida with us!)














Hop at you later! Time to open some cans!!!!

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July 19, 2004


Well, the new door is in. It's nice to be able to keep the hot air out.

Of course, the place is being overrun by small, resin-like bears.

ARRGH! When am I supposed to find time to train all these bears?

How am I supposed to learn all their names?

Why are we running low on honey and waffles?

Guess it's time to call in the big guns.

Other than that, I think I'm shedding from spending too much time in the sun in Florida, and it burned my bunny bum.

I've also been somewhat neglecting my duties as a blogger for Tink, who ran off to the Lightning capital of the world herself. it'll be nice when she gets back. I hear Flossie Flamingo is flying north and roosting in her room.

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July 09, 2004

Photos from Florida! (Etc)

Here's Tink with her new 'do that she got just before we went on vacation:


Here's Silver Blue:


Here's PoloRandy:


Here's DMA1:


Here's some shots of the bad weather we had to drive through to get to the hotel:


A photo of me in a palm tree:


Better weather in the morning:


Short Top and Me on the TV:


Making sure things are "Safe":

Short Top didn't like Mother Nature's Light Shows. I told him he'd be "safe" here, but he wasn't having any of it:


Ordering room service...I wanted carrots and Short Top wanted lettuce:

Writing to everyone back home:

Morning sunrise:

The grounds:

PoloRandy thought this said "Pancake and Lounge"

It's fun to drive in Florida:

Words of wisdom:

Upon meeting Ish:

The police station:

The Pet Store (why not Mega Bunny???)

Ish and me watching for Light Shows:

The "Lounge" across from the hotel:

Jack-knifed truck in the bad storm on Wednesday:

An awesome photo montage SilverBlue bought for the house:

More photos later...
Much Love...

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July 08, 2004

We're Back!

We made it safe and sound...but I'm tired. I'll have to tell you all about my adventures after a good, long nap.


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July 07, 2004

Hello from Florida!

On our last day, I've hopped through the humidity to type a quick line. We were able to track down my long lost cousin, Ish, whom I'll type more about when we get back in Virginia.

Mother Nature puts on a good light show every day about 4, and that makes Short-Top very nervous.

Much Love to you all,

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July 04, 2004

Off To Florida!

We're off....Short Top is going with me (he wants to see if lettuce is any better out of the state...he's still young).

I've left Steed and Cher Bear in charge.

Here's some humor to tide you over until we blog again.

Even the most pious among us must laugh at some of these. It is HUMOR...pure and simple.

I don't care WHO you are, you're not walking on the water while I'm fishing.

A good sermon should have a good beginning and a good ending, and they should be as close together as possible.

Definition of Atheism : a non-prophet organization.

Photons have mass!?! I didn't even know they were Catholic.

Since God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

I'm convinced God put me here to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, I'm so far behind I'll never die!

When you do a good deed, get a receipt, in case heaven is like the IRS.

Adam to Eve: I'll wear the plants in this family!

Give me some of that old-time Religion! HAIL ZEUS!

In a crisis call for Isis!

Jesus Saves. Passes to Moses. Shoots. HE SCORES!

Sects, sects, sects. Is that all you monks ever think about?

The lion and the calf shall lie down together, but the calf won't get much sleep.

On the sixth day, God created the platypus. And God said, "Let's see the evolutionists try and figure this one out."

If God is inside us, then I hope he likes fajitas, cause that's what He's getting tonight.

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July 01, 2004

Soon and Very Soon

we will be going to Florida.

Silver Blue's been having a horrible week. His grandmother did pass, and they buried her today. I've lost a few friends (my family died when I was a week old, remember?), so I can only imagine his loss. My heart goes out to him.

Tink's been good company for him this week. I've even managed to hop over to his parents house and check on him while he was sleeping. (Of course, I have to watch out for the pig that his parents have. I don't think it would be right for me to be blue pig chow!)

How has everyone else been? It's been a while since I've posted anything. I guess I've got the summer doldrums. Just no inspiration to post anything.

Now that the great blog war seems to be over (sigh) there just isn't much work for a mascot whom most bloggers feel is washed up. (cry) It makes me sad, especially when people email me, calling me a has-been.

Well, I just watned to post and let everyone know that I still love everyone, and I'll have new adventures to post. I'm SO looking forward to this trip. I need to stretch my paws in new territory.

Let's see...that will mean that I've visited Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Louisana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC, and soon Florida. I guess I get around! :-)

Much love to you all...

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