July 25, 2004

Sunday Sunday


Oh, sorry, had my headset on and couldn't hear. Hehehehe. It's been raining, so I haven't been able to take the guys out for a picnic, which is bad, being that there are too many of them now to just dine in the dining room.

How's everyone's weekend going? Silver Blue, Tink, and PoloRandy all left me alone yesterday, but that's ok. I needed the rest. I'm starting to actually like the new additions, inclduing Vernon, who I'll have to post a photograph of soon. He's appearing to be on my side, so... we'll see. Except for those strap on bunny ears. They just make him look stupid.

Hop at you later.


Posted by Roxette at July 25, 2004 05:35 PM
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