June 20, 2006




Threatening to step on ME!


Must be stopped!

Fortunately, Clowns Hate Tangelos.

There are plenty of billboards which allude to that subject.

We're finding out they're all over the nation.

Clowns also seem to cause gastric distress, as there are other billboards that read "I pooted."

It's a big ole love fest over at the Clowns Blog though (at least from the invitation emails that have been sent out).

Other than being hotter than a bunny on the way to a carrot feast, not much is going on around the Shenandoah Forester.

Correction: not much goin on INSIDE the house.

Outside, PoloRandy and Silver Blue have been hacking down trees, shrubs, etc. in order to "improve curb appeal."

I wonder what's going on. They couldn't be planning on selling the place, could they?

Where would be all go? We've made friends with the neighbors, the local bunnies, and such.

Starting over would be such a pain. I hope that's not part of their plans.

Anyway, just wanted to hop in and give everyone an EXTRA BIG DOSE of bunny love.

Hop at you later,

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