December 31, 2005

Where to go, what to do.

I'll admit it to everyone: the blue bunny has beal.

I really don't have a desire to blog, nor do I have the desire to read some of the blogs I used to enjoy.

Maybe it's the change in weather. It's autumn, after all, and we're really getting one this year. But the cold mornings and hot afternoons are having their way with my moods, leaving me short-tempered, and there aren't enough carrots in the world to cheer me up.

So, like Madam Cheese, I am dating this to stay at the top for a while.

Know that I love you all, but I need to hop away from the keyboard for a while.

I'll leave you all with a poem:

"Autumn of our Love"

The years have seen many autumns pass
In the seasons our hearts once knew
The richness of the scarlet leaves
Reveals special times with you.

The hand of time keeps ticking on
As down the road we go
Our hearts locked in a bond of love
As we walk in fallen snow.

As quickly as the storm does pass
Spring did surely come
As flowers blossomed everywhere
I gave to you, a son.

I saw your soul light up the sky
And your heart began to sing
As tiny arms reached out to you
In the summer that followed spring.

Can you believe that summer is gone
And autumn is here again
It's time to stop and reminiscence
About where our lives have been.

A few more lines now trace your face
Soft shadows veil the wall
Our children have since gone away
And faded leaves do fall.

But our love has known few changes
With the passing of the days
Except to grow still stronger
In so many little ways.

Those vows we took so long ago
To always have and hold
Have bound our lives together
Lacing silver years with gold.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson

Thanks, Marilyn, for saying what this blue bunny could not.


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December 28, 2005

It's a Hoppy, Hoppy New Year

Or at least I'm hoping that everyone will find it to be a Hoppy New Year when it arrives.

Far too much seriousness and depression in the world.

I'm guest blogging over at Tink's, so make sure that you drop by and say hello.

I should be back to semi-regular blogging soon. It's taken a while to quit feeling like it's a duty and more like it's fun again.

Hop at you soon!

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