September 26, 2005

I Live, and I Haven't Forgotten You

Hello faithful (and not so faithful) readers.

I haven't forgotten you. I haven't decided to move the blog or anything else.

I've just been real busy trying to get the house in shape for the holiday party in ... a little more than 2 short months.

It's not easy to do... the bears are helping me out, but the human occupants of the house (yes, that's YOU Tink, Silver Blue, and PoloRandy) are being ANYTHING but helpful.

Anyway, I just didn't want anyone to think I'd run off and joined the circus (though that HAS crossed my mind more than once).

I'm going to enable comments again, but if the spammers get too bad, off they will go again, much like a ninja bunny in the night.

Much Bunny Love,

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