February 20, 2004

Family Picture

Thought you'd like to see a family portrait:


(That's R.P. on the rug, Cher Bear and me on the sofa, and Steed, my graff, behind us)


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February 18, 2004

Tails from Buniroks

It's been a while since I've posted. A number of you have wondered what I've been doing with my time....

Well, to be honest, I've been involved with the EBITs. EBITs? you say? Yes. Easter Bunnies In Training.

Since the world is so large and the number of offspring (both legitimate and illegitimate) are increasing, it means an increase in the number of brats children that are expecting candy, hidden eggs (including some that will remain hidden for far too long and STINK when they are found), and chocolate.

Since I, myself, don't deliver these goodies to boys and girls who deserve them, I am part of the training group who help the designated rabbits (1) get the goodies out in a proper amount of time (2) Hide the eggs so they're not easily found, but not too impossible to find and (3) make fast get aways if they're spotted.

Other than that, I've been basking in the warmth of the Shenandoah Forester, waiting for the redecorating to continue. The holidays are finally down and the place is a bit empty, but nice. I always enjoy it when the place looks different.

Well, Hop at you later!

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February 13, 2004

Silver Blue's Done It Again

I rode in to work with Silver Blue (Brahn needed some company and I really REALLY wanted to hear the new sound system). All I can say is....WELL DONE!

I like the way that SB's kept this car up (he's had it four weeks today, even though technically next monday is 30 days.... go figure!). There's seating for four large people and a couple of us smaller ones, a clean trunk, and it smells fresh.

He also bought Brahn a new headpiece, which looks suspiciously like a elastic steering wheel cover done in silver and blue. I asked Brahn about it, and he said it was helping to keep his ears warm, and not to raise suspicions that that may not be what its original intended use was.

So... Kosheen is now decked out with a deck in the back that theorhetically can play 130 hours of music without having to be changed, along with a regular radio and regular CD player in the main cabin. Quite nice!

I heard rumours when Silver Blue was on the phone with PoloRandy today that this evening they will finally take the rest of what's left of the giant Christmas tree (it's artificial, so it's not shedding needles or anyting) down and store it away. That will be nice. Then the place will look plenty empty, but... at least it won't have made it to Valentines day in place.

For February to be the shortest month of the year, this year is strange with it having five Sundays in it. It confuses my small, blue bunny mind.

Tink took the day off to tend to something involving lots of small, screaming children who tend to want to pull your tail.

Oh, we ran into the University Mascot today. A cute large lion who patted my head and wished me well. See Revog and Punchbuggy? If Big Blue can love a little blue, why can't you? SHARE THE LOVE!

I'm hoping we're past all the bad weather for a while. It would be nice for things to start warming up and for this rabbit to quit having to run on the frozen ground. While I'm not old, I'm not as young as I used to be.

Well, I'm off...but I wanted to take one minute more to wish everyone:

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Hop at you later,

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February 10, 2004


I've been neglecting my blog ... it's just been so nice as the weather goes haywire (it doesn't know if it should snow or go blind so...)

In other news, Kosheen gets her birthday present installed tomorrow at 2:30, so I think Silver Blue and I will be taking a long drive into the outer regions of Hampton Roads.

How's everyone doing? Brahn and I are planning a dinner party. Would you care to be invited?


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February 03, 2004

No Fear

I'm just hibernating a little bit. It's cold, I'm getting older, and my paws just can't take it like they used to.

Nothing new to report on the ASPCA fundraising this week. Bummer, actually.

I'm thinking of throwing a party, but don't know who to invite (I also don't know how to keep it from Silver Blue -- he loves a good party!)

How is everyone else doing? Is there really a world out there? Snow is on the ground still after seven eight days. Enough to make a rabbit run on the frozen ground. Even after rain all day today.

YAWN. Maybe I'll go in seach of carrots.



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