August 11, 2004

Bears, back into your CONDO!


What is Silver Blue trying to do to me?

I thought we had an agreement that the bears that weren't on shelves where supposed to live in their eight story condo.

But NO. Seems that PoloRandy, in all his horse-sense, has decided that the circus should stay outside my living room window (which my sofa backs up to).

Not only that, there are nursery rhyme bears on the sideboard...where no bear should be.

Heck, a girl can't even throw a carrot around here without pinging some bear on the nose.

Oh well. Things could be worse.

I'm not even going to link to the particular post in question, over at The Monkey Boy Loves Cheese, where Harvey obviously has his "blogpanties" in a wad, because he threatened to throw me on the grill.

Listen here, buttmunch. How would you like it if we shoved a poker up your bum and rotated you over a slow fire? Of course, no one would want to eat you, but that's par for the course. Main, second, or otherwise.

Some people just seem to have lost touch with reality.

Take it from a true, blue bunny. Being drunk does not excuse bad manners.

Now, take the lamp shade off, and get in the taxi outside. He'll make sure you don't end up at a Jeffrey Dahlmer-esque residence.

Much love to everyone else, however.

Posted by Roxette at August 11, 2004 10:39 AM
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