August 09, 2004

So much going on

here at the ol' Shenandoah Forester, I don't know where to begin.

Well to start off, horray.

The bears, which seemed to have been everywhere over the house finally have a home of their own.

Well, as much of a home as one can have in the middle of someone else's home.

Silver Blue and PoloRandy keep calling it a curio cabinet, but it's a huge condo, if you ask me.

Sucker has eight floors on it, and all the bears are congregating with their buddies. All the winter bears are together, all the beach bears are's heart warming, but kinda cliquish at the same time.

PoloRandy has a "curio" of his own, in the Dining room, where some more of the bears have taken up residence.

Somehow, however, Amsterdam has been bearnapped and is now living on the third floor. I hopped over and asked him if he was ok, and he replied in the affirmative, so I didn't have to throw a brick through the window for him to escape.

Ish, Lee, and Rabbi T are enjoying not having as many bears around. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the company, HOWEVER, sometimes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

PoloRandy is also going through clearing stuff out of the house and taking it elsewhere to dispose of (has anyone heard of a yard sale? I don't quite follow the philosophy of why one would need to buy a yard, but... it's like Door Prizes. If Silver Blue could have won one, then the front door would have been free.)

I had everyone outside last week...the weather was cooler after the near miss with Hurricane Alex.

We all rummaged around in the yard. Clover, this time of year, is young, delicate, and tasty. YUM. Even the bears tend to agree with me on this one.

Believe me, with that many mouths to feed, I was glad they didn't want honey waffles. My paws would STILL be tired if that were the case!

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, let you all know what was going on in my little circle of the world, and now back to cleaning. Seems some of my much lesser relatives (the "Dust" bunnies) have moved in and are trying to make themselves at home.

Hop at you later...


Posted by Roxette at August 9, 2004 01:36 PM
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