June 17, 2004

Some people

make me VERY VERY happy to be a bunny. Why?

Well, Silver Blue is having to deal with an idiot.

Even I, as a blue bunny, know how to look things up on the internet without flying off the handle and making threats, etc.

Things are quiet around here, which is good. One more day of peace, then everything gets stirred up again.

It's vacation time!!!!!

PoloRandy surprised me last night by letting me in on the fact that he's taking me to Cocoa Beach Florida so that I can see Cape Canaveral, and do some serious bunny shopping. It's time for retial therapy, I do believe.

I'll be gone from July 4-July 8. It should be so much fun, as long as it's not humid. Humidity plays havic on my hare hair.

Much love to you all...

Posted by Roxette at June 17, 2004 10:16 AM

Are you a fanatic of Roxette? Why did you take their name...your friend is called Silver BLUE?! You two have to be roxette freaks, I am too, and you use phrases "I do believe.." haha!! I think so!

Posted by: Scotty J at June 18, 2004 02:36 AM
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