May 02, 2004

Someone Cares

Tink asked me questions. Horray! I'm not unloved!

How does it feel to have family around you now?

It's quite refreshing, actually. After being a solo bunny for so long, my adoptive family (bears, graffs and all) really show their love, and I know they would be concerned if anything happened to me. I think that the "feeling of beloning" is really what helps, more than anything.

Is the couch comfortable?

Oh yes. i don't know how you and Silver Blue did it, but any posiiton one takes on this sofa is comfy. No springs to poke into your delicate derriere, the arms are fluffy if you need to nap, and the back the the right height for Short-Top to poke his head over.

Who is winning the card game, you or Cher Bear?

Games, my dear, card games. At last count, I was, with a lead of 954-870. But they go quickly.

Actually, the score would be much higher, but Steed, mistaking our score pad for a leaf of lettuce, ate the first one.

Posted by Roxette at May 2, 2004 08:12 AM
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