April 29, 2004

Question Time

(Stolen from around the web)

Three Questions

1. Ask me three questions (use the comments below, or send an email). These questions can be about anything at all. No subject is taboo.
2. In a future post (or posts if it takes more than one) I will answer your questions and be as honest as I can possibly be.
3. After you ask me your questions cut and paste this text on your own weblog allowing others to ask you questions, which you will answer honestly in future posts (etc.)

Posted by Roxette at April 29, 2004 09:43 AM

How does it feel to have family around you now?

Is the couch comfortable?

Who is winning the card game, you or Cher Bear?

Posted by: Tink at May 1, 2004 08:09 AM
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