April 15, 2004

What's New With The Blue

Well, after vacating the Shenandoah Forester for some much needed R&R (hey, helping deliver all those Easter goodies is exhausting. You humans really need to think on cutting back on your reproduction. Yeah, I know it feels good, but the offspring chase us, and try to pull our tails, etc.)

I had a run-in with a very rude dog, Bill BullDog who barked incessantly at me, and, if I had had room to carry my rolled-up newspapaer with me, I would have whapped him on his nose.

To think. Barking at Meeeeeeeeeeeeee! I don't think it was funny.

So, what have I been doing with my downtime since Easter?

Well, I got to take an awesome ride in a gigantic vehicle that is called a Hummer 2. It has a gas capacity the size of SilverBlue's ego, and gets 3 gas stations per tank. PoloRandy is house sitting, and it's his boss' vehicle. It gets a real economical 8 miles per gallon. (And it costs 55$ to fill up!)

Since PoloRandy is hosue sitting, I decided it would be a good thing to see how other people live outside my own little world.

There are three dogs where PoloRandy is: Ivory, Jewels, and Jake. Jewels and Jake are Yorkies, and Ivory is a large ivory colored dog.

All of them try to catch me. I dare not think of what they would do if they were successful.

Being that I've basically been living in the PoloPony for the past week, I was out when the storm blew through last night. I went and whapped on the door to let PoloRandy and SilverBlue know that a basketball backboard and stand had fallen and landed on Kosheen. Bhron was frantic until I told him no damage was done to the vehicle other than a few smudges that should come out with rubbing compound.

SilverBlue has told me that back at home the family is beginning to miss me, but that we'll be getting the new roof tomorrow. Good thing I'm not going to be there -- my ears are sensitive and no doubt I'd be in pain and grumpy.

This time away has done me some good. :-)

Hop at you later....

Posted by Roxette at April 15, 2004 11:37 AM
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