April 27, 2007

Light Shows and Loose Women

Hey everybunny! Sorry, I've been busier than normal hopping around in this warm weather. Mother Nature FINALLY gave me what I've been begging for -- a decent light show!

In fact, right now, it's thundering to beat the band, and it's like someone has set up a strobe outside the windows. :-) Nothing makes me happier than a good thunderstorm!

Talk about a crazy month, however... the first week we had snow (yeah, this rabbit ran on a frozen ground...who told you so?), then we had temps in the 90s!!!! Now this. I thought it was March that was supposed to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion. Just goes to show what one blue bunny can think, right?

Anyway, getting to to the point of loose women -- Tink brought one in the house tonight! Well, not a real one, but a lady doll whose head is looser than it should be (should we say she doesn't have her head on right?) and has to go to a doll hospital. Still, I found it funny enough, to my bunny mind, to share with you all.

Tink also was complaining that I hadn't posted in two months. She fails to understand that in addition to training the bears and keeping the clover trimmed, it's been a while since the house has been swept, and therefore I've been having to do battle with another kind of bunnies -- the dust type. I'm normally not one to complain (after all, YOU try using a broom sometime without opposible thumbs and see how easy it is for YOU), but this has got me reaching for the vacuum.

Anyway, I'm going back to watching the wonderful lightning and occasional rain outside the window...now that the magic sleigh is stored somewhere under the house, I'm having to find out what I can hop on that won't get me yelled at!

Much Bunny-Luv to you all!


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