July 19, 2005

One Sick, Too Sick

One Sick: Tink, who has no voice. She won't listen to Nurse Bunny, who ALWAYS knows that's best, so I informed her that if she kept arguing with me, I was going to slice her tongue out and beat her senseless with it. After all, she has no voice, so what does she need with a tongue anyway?

Too Sick: This incessant spam. though I'm trying to clear it out daily, even if I don't have a post to make. Therefore it won't be but so bad. I really don't want to read about bodily functions, ok?

My parting shot, a joke:

A woman comes home to find her husband armed with a fly-swat. She asks what he is doing, to which he replies "I'm hunting flies."

"How's the hunt going?"

"I got three male and two females!"

Of course, the wife thinks he's crazy, but asks "how could you tell?"

"Well," he replies, "three were on the beer can and two were on the phone!"

Hop at you later.

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