July 05, 2005

Hoppy Independence Day Everyone

Ok, ok, so I'm a day late...

but this girl's been busy.

Saturday I hopped in Kosheen (Silver Blue's Grand Am) and we zoomed up to the DC area to see Revog, Turbotech, and to meet up with Tink and Mr. Roboto.

PoloRandy decided to forgo the trip and work at his mother's. He's ended up coming down with another bad case of poison ivy. Guess that means no rest for the weary, as they've put him back on prednazone again. Sheesh!

Still, it was a nice excursion, and it allowed Silver Blue to try out his new trasmitter that works with his Xclef. All the way back, he and I duetted, while Brahn and Cosmic danced, and Bi-B accompanied us on percussion. I'm sure it was a sight to behold as we zoomed down I-95 doing 70/75. (Hey, we had to keep up traffic.)

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and when we finally made it home (before midnight), we all collapsed.

Silver Blue's in the middle of clearing out the house (once again), so please (for our sakes) visit and buy some things:

Increase Sales by 18% and double your hits - Vendio Gallery

More good news is that things may actually be looking up for him, little by little. Poor guy has been through more stuff than he'll mention, but we talked about it on the trip. All I can say is that it's frustrating, at best, to have to deal with everything he does in and out of the office.

I've been remiss on a number of things I've overheard in the carrot patch, but I'm sure that given how busy everyone is (and yes, that even includes YOU), everyone understands.

Maybe it's because I'm a mere bunny, but I've noticed how crazy you humans have started to act.

(1) The Terri Schaivo case. I've kept my bunny bouche closed simply because I think it's bizarre to have someone on life support when they've checked out. So the ventilation system still works; the power has short circuited, and the main computer was damnaged beyond repair. Now that she's gone, it's time to let her rest in peace. Quit squabbling over her death, her tombstone, etc. Celebrate her life and the time that you had with her. Even bunnies have a sense of pride in life, and know that when one has bowed out, it's not a time for greiving -- it's a time of celebration. Have you humans become so self invovled that you can't recognize that?

(2) The Michael Jackson case. Hoah-boy. I think Whacko-Jacko got lucky and got out of this one. But he's not the only guilty party in this case. The parents are just as guilty, if not more guilty, for pimping their kids and allowing them to sleep, in the same bed, as a 40-something year old man. They knew of MJ's history, and they smelled money to be had. So they went for it, and failed. Unfortunately, there were no winners in that case.

(3) Live-8. "Make Poverty History," they claim. It would have been nice if we actaully could have seen some of the concert on MTV or VH1, but those two networks are no longer interested in music. They're more interested in reality TV shows, Pimp My Ride, and I Love the (whatvever) strikes back, part deux, etc. Disappointing at best. It was nice, however, to read reports that Pink Floyd had reunited for this important cause. I also hear that Annie Lennox put on a heart-wrenching performance of her song "Why", where the cameras were focused on the screens, showing scenes of poverty and death in Africa. But I don't think I'm alone when I say Annie, give the song a break now. It's a great tune, but it's being used at every solemn event.

(4) Rain (or not). We've not had the traditional amount of rain this year, which means that the carrot crops are beginning to suffer. While I'm not asking for flooding (the memories of Isabel are far to vivid and recent to ask for heavy rain), it would be nice to keep the clover and carrots alive.

(5) Did cows go on strike, or is the cost of living skyrocketing that much? Beef is routinely over $5 a pound, milk is now over $4 a gallon... maybe we need to end subsidies. I've noticed that the paychecks that Tink, Silver Blue and PoloRandy bring home don't have that kind of increases in them. Some one, some where is getting fat and happy.

(6) What's up with all these "luxury" condos being built? I've read in the local paper that many places are beginning construction of "luxury" condos in the $300K to $2M range. Where are the people who will be inhabiting these condos? For whom do they work? Even if PoloRandy, Tink and Silver Blue were to combine paychecks, they would be hard pressed to afford one of these condos. And that's before condo fees, etc, etc are added in. Affordable housing is fast becoming a thing of the past, and I'm glad that Silver Blue owns the Shenandoah Forester. Though with recent Supreme Court rulings, I'm a little uneasy. After all, if Virginia is going to be as uber-conservative as it normally is, that little bit of State Legal Code that protects the average homeowner will quickly be overturned (and quietly, I may add).

I'll leave you now with a joke:

All hotel rooms have a copy of the Gideon Bible as a comfort to travellers and it was natural for the tub-thumping evangelist to reach for it and thumb through a few pages before going downstairs for a nightcap before retiring.

He soon engaged the barmaid in conversation and was still chatting her up at closing time when she even sgreed to come to his room where, after another drink, they adjourned to the bed.

"Should we be doing this?" she giggled as she undressed. "after all, you are a man of the cloth."

"I assure you it is alright. It is written in the Bible," he said, dropping his trousers.

During her post-coitus cigarette, a very reflective time for women, she said to the Bible-basher: "Show me the passage which it says we should have done what we did."

The evangalist picked up the Bible and turned to the fly-leaf to show her the quote: "The barmaid downstairs is a certainty."

Hop at you later...
Much bunny love...
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