March 13, 2004

Greetings from the Weekend

Well....the house is still clean. I don't konw what's gotten into Silver Blue, but somehow he's managed it.

He's upstairs working in his got that even I wouldn't go in there for fear that something would collapse and that would be the last anyone would see or hear of me. :-)

We've got a new addition to the family: "Short-Top". He's a baby graff, and with the exception of biting one of the cards when we were playing war (well, it did fall off the sofa and he was trying to catch it), we all have been getting along great. Steed says it's great to have a little one around.

Tink hasn't been around the abode much recently. Of course, if she doesn't slow down, this cold she hasn't been able to get over is only going to get worse, but who am I to tell her that? She normally looks at me and says, in a low growl, "STEW." She's soon going to wonder why she can't breathe. I've teamed up with Lagoon, her teal bear, to shed animal dander in her room, thereby activating her alergies. I am NOT a bunny to be messed with.

PoloRandy and Tink went (separately) to the CAA championship basketball game today. Fortunately, their team took it, but from what Silver Blue's dad said when he called, it was a neck-and-neck (no pun, Steed) game that was, at times, difficult to watch.

It's been a while since I've hopped around the blogsphere...I notice that no one has planted any carrots yet, so I'm wondering what kind of crop we're going to get. :-(

Also, the Easter Bunny (well, Bunnies) have decided to lay off the boiled, colored eggs this year and deliver chocolate to everyone. It seems that all those boiled products are causing gastric distress, and, well, you could say that people are raising a big stink. (Ok, you can groan now.)

They haven't started putting the roof on the Shenandoah Forester yet. I've been told that it's going to be a big noise when they do, so I'm trying to talk one of the three (Tink, PoloRandy, or Silver Blue) to have pity on me and take me into work the day they're going to be here. I don't need anything to mess up my hearing. These ears are sensitive!

Hop at you later....

Posted by Roxette at March 13, 2004 02:28 PM
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