January 27, 2004


It's cold out there! The snow has been nice, but I'm ready for it all to go away now. Brahn, HiTop, RP and I frollicked in the snow today, but after warming ourselves back up, we've decided it's time for summer.

The squirrels are back in the ceiling. I wish I had a gun, but I guess that would do more damage than the squirrels are by themselves. Hmm. Maybe some well placed poison.

I'm sure Silver Blue will get up and look at it in a bit.

As an aside, I think that I'm staying on as Official Mascot to the Alliance of Free Blogs, but I think Silver Blue is making noises of leaving. He says the "Homework" deal of having to come up with 2-3 items every week is just too much, especially with the uproar of his work.

I agree with him. Voting in the New Blog showcase is a good thing, it helps promote new talent, but come on. How many Filthy Lies can you come up with before it starts getting tiring?

In the beginning, it was fun. But now, we all have lives away from the keyboard and blogs.

What do you think? Should I give up being mascot? I've enjoyed it, but it doesn't seem to have raised any significant funds for the ASPCA (thanks, however, to Susie & Silver Blue for both purchasing BunnyWare™)

I've forgotten my manners! Brahn (short for Brahnz) is the new bear who rides around in Kosheen with Silver Blue (and me, when it's not to cold). HiTop is the grrrraff that PoloRandy adopted from Potomac Mills this past weekend. RP is the puppy who used to guard the dash of Silver Blue's old car.

Well, I'm hopping back downstairs, hoping to rap on the ceiling to keep the squirrels from coming through!


Posted by Roxette at January 27, 2004 03:42 PM
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