November 13, 2003

Trying to keep sane

while chaos reigns all around. (PoloRandy moved all his clothes in night before last and now no one can move in the house at all. Too many PoloPonies on the loose.)

I promised to vote in this week's blog showcase, so, sorry to say that none of them really caught my eye, but the best of the submissions was this. Understand that they were all good in their own right, just none of them were what I would choose, as a blue bunny, to read on a regular basis.

I suppose the rest of the bears are going to make their way over to the house tonight. First, I've been promised we're stopping by Diamond Lil's and Jewelman's shop. Will be nice to frolic amongst the carats again, see if there are any pretty ones that might suit me.

How is everyone doing? Thanks for the idea Susie...I'll have to dig out my bathing suit and see if I can make that calendar happen!

Hop at you later,

Posted by Roxette at November 13, 2003 04:20 PM
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