November 11, 2003

Updates, etc.

The house is getting overrun by Bears. I'm not kidding.

We have 7 additional PoloBears (authentic Ralph Lauren bears) coming over.

PoloRandy is moving in, but I guess you knew that already.

Tink's got issues. She's thinking of moving again. At least that's what she types, but she ain't saying much. When she left the house this morning, she was "squeaking" again. Poor thing. We're gonna put her on chicken soup and nothing else until she shakes this or grows feathers and flys away.

Silver Blue's beginning to worry me with the number of migraines he's been having. I think his blood pressure has gone unchecked and it may be well up there again, like it was the last time he got like this. :(

Charity update:


Thanks to Susie, we now have an additional $2.01, bringing the ASPCA donations up to $4.01!!!! Thank you so much, you sweet thing! Your animal friends will not forget you!

I've added a few new things and am working on a few more, so go GET YOUR BUNNY GEAR!!!!

Hop at you soon!

Posted by Roxette at November 11, 2003 09:14 AM
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