October 22, 2003


I woke up from a long overdue nap, hopped into the kitchen where I found Silver Blue had left me carrots and coffee. YUM.

The boys were grumbling, so I fixed them some honey waffles (hope you don't mind Tink -- I think there's only one left!), and then we all decided to clean up a bit.

A cat found it's way on the window ledge and watched us as we worked -- that is, until PBJr saw it and growled at the window. You should have seen the fur fly!

Anyway, we're trying to get things set up so that Tink, PoloRandy & Silver Blue can come in and start decorating for Christmas. We all look forward to seeing the house in some semblance of normalcy....after these long weeks of no heat and hotwater.


Posted by Roxette at October 22, 2003 03:33 PM
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