September 30, 2003

In the light of a clear blue bunny

(apologies to Dolly Parton for her song "In The Light Of A Clear Blue Morning")

We regained power last night around 6:00 (-5 GMT). Tomorrow we all are going to be cleaning the house.

No guarantees on the hot water heater or furnace, since they both have been under water for 12 days.

We're going to make it, though. We'll come out of this stronger, tougher, and more bitchy. Oh wait, we already are more bitchy. :-)

Now, we need to get some carrots in the cooler or I'm going to starve! We don't have fruit loops in the house any more, and the peanut butter is looking a little, well, can peanut butter look soggy?

Now... my life can get back to its normal hoppy goodness!


Posted by Roxette at September 30, 2003 09:53 AM
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