September 22, 2003

Top 10 List for Monday

Here we go:

10. Hurricane Isabel is GONE.
9. I hopped out of the house today.
8. Power has to come back on sometime (so why not now?)
7. PunchBuggy has his own blog.
6. PoloRandy took me for WaWa Coffee.
5. Life is getting back somewhat to normal.
4. The sky is blue, like me, Roxette Bunny™, the truest, cutest, and sky bluest bunny in the blogsphere.
3. Tender baby carrots are so dang tasty!
2. Carrots don't require refigeration.
1. That everyone close to my heart made it through the storm without being injured.

Posted by Roxette at September 22, 2003 03:51 PM
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